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National Heart Foundation - Australia

The Heart Foundation Tick has become a powerful graphic that equates to a healthier choice you can trust.

Today's consumers are demanding healthier choices. Growing obesity levels and high profile media stories on nutrition and food related health issues have put pressure on consumers to make healthier food choices.

The Heart Foundation Tick 

Established in 1989, the Tick is the Heart Foundation’s guide to help people make healthier food choices quickly and easily.  The goal of the Tick is to improve the nutritional content of foods by challenging food companies to meet the Heart Foundation’s strict nutrition and labelling standards.

How does the Tick work on retail products?

To earn the Tick, food manufacturers have to meet tough nutrition standards and follow strict promotional guidelines. There are over 50 different product categories. Depending on the product category, the nutrition standard sets criteria for things that are relevant to that category. These can include saturated fat, trans fat, kilojoules, salt, fibre, and calcium.

Promotional guidelines cover things like nutrition information panels, correct use of the Tick trade mark, and compliance with current food regulations and codes of practice. The Heart Foundation checks all packaging and promotional materials such as advertising and media releases, before they can be used.

The Heart Foundation ensures that these tough standards are maintained by subjecting products to random audits.

Tick Foodservice Quality Standard

Consumers want to do the right thing but they also expect food companies and outlets to help them. In fact 93 per cent of Australians said that food companies had a role to play in addressing Australia's weight problem, and 88 per cent said that food providers have a social responsibility to make healthier choices available.
With consumers facing so much choice, marketers need to ensure their products stand out from the crowd. Tick provides that point of difference, in fact, over 75 per cent of people stated they were positively influenced towards choosing a product or meal with Tick versus one without the Tick.
SAI Global provide Audits to the Tick Foodservice Quality Standard

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