Store Inspections

SAI Global undertake store inspections on behalf of a variety of food retailers including grocery stores, and major multiple retailers. The standards used for inspection are based on current industry standards incorporating any specific quality policies developed by the retailer.
What the standard covers
Bespoke standard according to customer specific requirements covering food safety and health and safety parameters. The inspection focuses on goods inwards to the point of sale and staff facilities as well as traceability exercises targeted at food service counters.
Benefits of the standard
Providing an independent assessment and contributing to due diligence. Best practice advice can be offered as part of service.
Who does the inspections?
Qualified food inspectors competent in HACCP principles with relevant category specific knowledge.

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Combined audits

Combined audits offerings

SAI Global also offer combined audits - view a list of food standards that SAI Global can inspect against.


Food Safety Training

At SAI Global we understand the difficulties of training staff whilst running a busy operation. That’s why we have made our training courses as flexible as possible to assist you. For further information please click here.