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Supply Chain
Product Certification

Product Traceability

What the scheme covers
Red and white meat processing plants, hospitals, universities, NHS and football clubs.
Benefits of the scheme
Inspections are undertaken against agreed specifications between customer and supplier. One of the main benefits is that the inspection is impartial which adds to the integrity of the audit.
Who accepts and recognises the scheme?
SAI Global Customers.
Who does the inspections?
SAI Global is the preferred inspection body for a number of industry bodies e.g. Assured Food Standards and the British Pig Executive. All SAI Global inspectors are suitably trained/qualified to undertake inspections and have a minimum 5 years experience within this sector.
Who does the certification?
These inspections are not accredited to EN45011 however SAI Global follows the procedures in relation to Certification.

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Combined audits

Combined audits offerings

SAI Global also offer combined audits - view a list of food standards that SAI Global can inspect against.


Food Safety Training

At SAI Global we understand the difficulties of training staff whilst running a busy operation. That’s why we have made our training courses as flexible as possible to assist you. For further information please click here.