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IFS Logistics

The IFS Food standard for retailer branded food products was established in 2003. Until now there has been nothing comparable for logistics service providers, although there are more legislative requirements affecting this area. The IFS Logistic is to prevent producers from being overwhelmed in a flood of extremely diverse requirements.

What the standard covers
The IFS Logistic standard allows the whole food supply chain to be monitored.
Who should be audited against the IFS Logistic standard?
All logistics can be IFS logistic audited whether working for the retailing industry, or for the food industry producing retailer branded products. The IFS Logistic is applicable to both food and non-food products and covers all logistics activities such as: transport, storage, distribution, loading/unloading, etc. It also applies to all types of logistics: by road, ship or rail; frozen/refrigerated or without cooling.

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Which retail organisations support the IFS Logistic standard?
Any retailer represented in the HDE food law and quality assurance committee (Germany), or in the FCD committee (France). Eg: Lidl, Aldi, Metro AG, Wal-Mart Germany, Kaufland. A large number of retailers in Italy, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and many other countries support the IFS.
Where you can order the IFS logistic standard
You can order the IFS logistic standard from

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