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Health and Safety Audits

The SAIG Health & Safety Standard is designed to be at the forefront of standard setting in the food industry. It covers procedures in the workplace from fire safety to emergency planning, and it requires companies to demonstrate compliance not just with legislation, but also with recognised best practice.

We're using our knowledge and skills in the food sector to provide the fullest service to our clients. Health and safety can be a challenging and complicated area, with over 400 pieces of UK legislation to take into account.

It is vital to get health and safety right, and the SAIG Health and Safety Standard is built on a policy of 100 per cent compliance. It involves an in-depth two-day inspection, after which the client is told where it needs to improve to conform not only with current legislation, but also to best health and safety practice. Only when all non-conformances are dealt with is a certificate issued.

The Standard demonstrates to customers, as well as insurers and the Health and Safety Executive inspectorate that the company has a high level of commitment to health and safety


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Food Safety Training

At SAI Global we understand the difficulties of training staff whilst running a busy operation. That’s why we have made our training courses as flexible as possible to assist you. For further information please click here.