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Global Food Safety Initiative

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is an international program that began through the collaboration of leading manufacturers, retailers and food service organizations to drive safety throughout the food supply chain. Certain food safety standards are referred to as GFSI Benchmarked, which means that the standards meet the global requirements to cover all aspects of the food supply chain from farm to fork.

Adherence to industry-recognized safety and quality standards has become a deciding factor in doing business in today's global marketplace. Retailers, food processors, and hospitality organizations now look for vendors in compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and many require it of their partners.

Each GFSI benchmarked scheme is aligned to the common criteria defined by food safety experts from the food business, with the objective of making food manufacture as safe as possible. As a result, GFSI standards auditing and certification drives cost efficiency in the supply chain and reduces duplication of audits.

SAI Global has deep expertise in GFSI benchmarked standards, including training, auditing, advisory services and certification. Our technical staff are experts in their fields, and are ready to help you develop your own GFSI-compliant initiatives or evaluate your existing programs.

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The Benefits of GFSI

Many retailers are requiring their supply chains to comply with GFSI standards. Being certified to a GFSI benchmarked standard not only allows your business to grow, but may be a necessity to survive and do business within the food industry. Additionally, substantial cost-savings can be realized due to the harmonization of standards which comply with GFSI guidance. As more retailers accept GFSI-benchmarked standards as proof of compliance to a food safety system, manufacturers can reduce the financial burden of multiple audits as GFSI compliance is often universally accepted.


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