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AS 6000 Certified Organic

Consumers from many different demographics are purchasing organic products for a range of reasons. The global organic industry is one of the fastest growing food categories - nearly every food product now has an organic equivalent to satisfy consumers demand for choice.

Certification of organic products is essential - to meet industry requirements and to enhance your market advantage. Every day consumers have more dietary choices, and with that choice comes the need for clear and competitive market positioning to ensure your product receives proper exposure.

AS 6000 is the new Australian Standard for Organic Certification, and is the only one to have been developed and published by Standards Australia. The development of the Standard originated from a recognised need to standardise the sectors of the organic industry, particularly with its increasing use on product labels.

The new Australian Standard for Organic Certification
The Australian Standard AS 6000-2009 Organic and biodynamic products outlines the minimum requirements to be met by growers and manufacturers wishing to label their products ‘organic’ and ‘biodynamic’. It establishes an agreed set of procedures to be followed for the production, preparation, transportation, marketing and labelling of organic and biodynamic products including food and processed food.

Furthermore, the independent accreditation body JAS-ANZ has approved SAI Global’s Certified Organic program. So you know that our program is independent, impartial and is the new benchmark in organic certification for Australia.
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