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Catering Inspections

A Comprehensive inspection of food handling and preparation, cooking procedures, hygiene standards and premises is carried out to the unique accreditation SAI Global Standard for Catering Establishments. This is relevant to large scale catering operations as well as single unit restaurants and cafes.
What the standard covers
The scope of the standard is applicable to all types of catering establishments including kitchen operations, restaurants, beverage establishments, central production units handling / processing all food and beverage types: ready to eat, ready to cook/reheat fresh, frozen or ambient stable.
Benefits of the scheme
The Standard provides catering establishments with an all encompassing food safety audit which considers good manufacturing practice and ensures that those involved in catering operations have ensured the safety and legality of their quality and hygiene systems and procedures.
Accepted by buyers
The standard is UKAS accredited.
Who does the inspections?
The SAI Global Catering Inspection Team is comprised of experienced inspectors appointed from either SAI Global or subcontractors trained and approved by SAI Global.  Members of the Catering Inspection Team are assigned to specific catering establishments on the basis of their practical experience of kitchen/food preparation practices and auditing skills.
To ensure consistency of approach in an inspection all inspectors hold the following qualifications:
  • Degree/HNC in food, food safety or bioscience or related discipline.
  • Successful completion of training in audit principles and skills.
  • Successful completion of training in HACCP based on Codex Alimentarius, in relation to the catering sector.
  • Minimum two years experience in the catering industry.
Who does the certification?
SAI Global.


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Combined audits

Combined audits offerings

SAI Global also offer combined audits - view a list of food standards that SAI Global can inspect against.


Food Safety Training

At SAI Global we understand the difficulties of training staff whilst running a busy operation. That’s why we have made our training courses as flexible as possible to assist you. For further information please click here.