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Red Tractor Assured Poultry Schemes

Red Tractor Chicken & Turkey Standards

The Red Tractor Chicken and Turkey Standards are designed to demonstrate that your standards of animal welfare, bio-security and environmental protection are giving the consumer confidence that the Chicken and Turkey products they buy are safe and traceable all the way from the animal feed manufacture to processing and distribution.

British Chicken and Turkey is produced on farms that are managed by trained, highly professional and caring stockman. When the Red Tractor logo is used on British Chicken and Turkey products it assures consumers that they have been produced to very high standards and are independently inspected.


SAI Global has a strong team of inspectors, many of whom are already known to many in the livestock sector. They have built up a reputation for providing an efficient professional service. The inspectors have the proven background knowledge and are fully trained to ensure they carry out the inspection correctly and impartial.

Audit  frequency

Members of the Red Tractor Poultry Schemes are audited annually.


Those members of the Red Tractor Chicken and Turkey Scheme who have had an audit by SAI Global, will upon receipt of the inspection report to the certification managers, decide whether a producer has achieved the relevant standards before they issue a certificate. SAI Global employs fully trained and qualified certification managers and they follow strict guidelines to ensure consistent decisions.

Red Tractor Assurance Scheme Benefits

Be part of the Red Tractor Assurance scheme and build consumer confidence in knowing that their food is associated with Quality, Safety and Traceability. Certification to the Red Tractor Scheme allows producers to build lasting confidence in British Chicken and Turkey products and has a 68% high level recognition among consumers, and is the largest food standards scheme in the UK.

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