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Quality Trout UK

This Scheme covers all the activities associated with the farming, hatching and further processing of rainbow trout.

The Scheme’s Standards define the operational procedures and practices for the production of farmed rainbow trout, which must be met and maintained by participants in the certification scheme for Quality Trout UK. This scheme is accredited under EN45011.

Participating members of the Scheme include the major suppliers of farmed rainbow trout to the major high street retailers in the UK.

What the scheme/standard covers:
Trout Farms, Hatcheries and Processors.

Benefits of the standard/scheme
The aim of the scheme is to provide to all participants of the trout scheme, with a mechanism that ensures their customers, that products produced meet appropriate standards. The operating manuals which are specific to their sector lays down the procedures that applicants are required to meet to be approved. This covers processing and quality management systems. Welfare is an integral part of the Quality Trout UK Scheme.  

Who accepts and recognises the standard/scheme?
Certification required by major retailers.

Who does the inspections?
All the SAI Global inspectors are suitably trained/qualified to undertake inspections and have a minimum 5 years experience within this sector.

SAI Global undertakes the Certification element. All the Certification officers are suitably trained and are required to adhere to the procedures for Certification which are assessed by UKAS.

Surveillance inspections are undertaken annually.

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