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Product Certification

Quality Assured Farm Venison Scheme

Membership of the scheme allows producers to prove that the standards of husbandry and welfare on farm meet nationally agreed levels of best practice, and gives an assurance to the consumer that the product is safe.

The Deer standard covers:
  • Identification and traceability
  • Farm animal management
  • Environment and hygiene management
  • Feed composition, storage and use
  • Housing and handling facilities
  • Medicines and veterinary treatments
  • Transport of livestock
  • Expansion of home-mixing standards for feed
  • Herd/flock health plans
  • Waste management plans.

Membership enables producers to assure customers, retailers and consumers of the standard to which livestock is produced. It will help producers secure a market for the future as the Standards are designed to meet retailer requirements and are in accordance with all current codes of practice and legal requirements.

The membership fees cover the cost of inspections, both routine and spot checks, the cost of administration and membership paperwork including newsletters and other membership products.

Who does the inspections?
SAI Global has a 80 strong team of inspectors, many of whom are already known to many in the livestock and cereals sector. They have built up a reputation for providing an efficient, professional service showing that they understand the needs of a busy farmer. The inspectors have the relevant proven background knowledge and are fully trained and supervised to ensure they carry out the inspection correctly.
Who does the certification?
SAI Global certify all producers. This means upon receipt of an inspection report they are responsible for deciding whether a producer has achieved the relevant standard and a certificate can be issued. SAI Global employ fully trained and qualified certification managers and they follow guidelines to ensure consistent decisions.

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