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Farm Assured Welsh Lamb

SAI Global inspects this livestock scheme on behalf of FAWL.

Livestock farming is extremely important to rural Wales and the sustainability of Welsh livestock farming is dependent on improving the marketing of cattle and sheep.

Welsh Lamb and Beef Producers Ltd. (WLBP) is dedicated to the promotion and marketing of branded Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef in markets at home and abroad. The Farm Assured Welsh Livestock Ltd. Beef and Lamb Scheme (FAWL) underpins this objective.

Membership of FAWL demonstrates a commitment to maintain high standards of animal welfare and husbandry that in turn strengthens WLBP's promotional campaign on behalf of Welsh farmers.

Restoring consumer confidence and keeping it is essential for the future of Welsh agriculture.

FAWL is becoming an important link in the supply chain and an increasing number of processors are insisting that stock is procured from FAWL farms. FAWL gives producers an opportunity to provide proof of their expertise and integrity.

As a member of FAWL, you will be able to market your livestock with the assurance that FAWL certification provides and be confident that you are contributing to the improved marketing of Welsh Beef and Welsh Lamb.


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