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Red Tractor Farm Assurance Pigs (RTPIGS)

Red Tractor Farm Assurance Pigs (ABRTPigs)
The aim of the Scheme is to build consumer confidence and grow the market for British pigmeat.
The assurance of food safety throughout every part of the food chain is a vital priority for the meat industry and, more importantly, for its many millions of consumers. Couple this with increasing consumer awareness of animal welfare issues, and the demand for traceability of food, and the need for meaningful farm assurance, is self evident. Assured Red Tractor Pigs is one link in an integrated assurance chain which has the objective of providing effective assurance to internationally-recognised standards throughout the whole pigmeat production chain from animal feed manufacture to meat processing and distribution.
British pigmeat is world class. It is produced on farms that are well managed by highly-professional, well-qualified and caring stockmen. Certification to the Assured Red Tractor Pigs Standard allows producers to demonstrate that their standards of husbandry and welfare meet nationally-agreed levels of best commercial practice, and gives an assurance to the consumer that the product is safe. The Scheme is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service to the European product certification standard EN45011, which further demonstrates its independence and integrity.
Participation in Assured British Pigs is one of the qualifications required for pigmeat to be sold with the MLC's Quality Standard Mark and the Scheme is also a qualifying Scheme for Assured Food Standards' British Farm Standard (Red Tractor) logo. When the Red Tractor is used on pigmeat products, it will appear alongside the Quality Standard Mark, and it assures consumers that the products have been produced to stringent standards that are independently inspected.
Participation in this Scheme will help to build lasting consumer confidence in British pigmeat and thereby help to secure a future for British pig farming.

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