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What is e-Stewards?

e-Stewards®, also known as “e-Stewards® Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment”, was created by the Basel Action Network (BAN) with the assistance of the electronic recycling and asset recovery industry, the occupational health and environmental community, and certification and accreditation advisors.

The purpose of e-Stewards certification is to identify recyclers and refurbishers that will ensure e-scrap:

  • will not result in toxic materials being exported or dumped in developing world nations
  • will not result in broken down, non-functioning equipment being illegally exported to developing countries
  • will not be incinerated or disposed of in landfills or incinerators
  • will not be processed in a manner that puts the health and safety of recycling workers at risk
  • will not result in your private data being unexpectedly exposed to outsiders
  • will not be processed by prisoners without all the protections and benefits of private sector workers
  • will be managed in compliance with the Basel Convention

The standard also ensures worker protection through extensive baseline protections and monitoring of workers and accountability for the entire recycling chain of toxic materials. Use of certified e-Stewards recyclers will assist international organizations in partnering with vendors who meet their own corporate sustainability goals. e-Stewards includes the provisions of ISO 14001 and the R2 Practices of 2008. e-Stewards Certification is open to electronics recyclers, refurbishers and processors in all developed countries.


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