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Over the past decades the growth of consumer electronics has inspired an unsuspected industry: electronic recycling, or e-scrap, which processes discarded electrical or electronic devices, and the waste of OEMs.

The practice of refurbishing, de-manufacturing, recycling, and reusing electronics and potential toxic contaminants brings with it possible health and environmental risks. Countries around the world are mandating specific recycling practices to protect workers and communities, and are demanding strict internal monitoring of the processes within organizations.

Certification to a variety of electronic recycling standards is the most practical method you can use to demonstrate that you are adhering to product stewardship best practices. These include e-Stewards®, R2®, and RIOS:

  • e-Stewards®: an EHS standard that incorporates all the requirements of ISO 14001, enhanced to address health and safety, data security, reuse and refurbishment, recycling chain accountability, export restrictions and more.
  • Responsible Recycling (R2): an EHS standard that addresses environmental protection, health and safety, data security, reuse and refurbishment, recycling chain accountability, export restrictions and more.
  • Recycling Industry Operating Standard® (RIOS): a QEHS standard comprising most of the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, written specifically for the scrap recycling industry.

SAI Global helps lay the groundwork that leads to a successful electronic recycling program. Our global e-scrap experts guide you through the complex regulations in each country, and oversees that your internal process is bringing you into compliance and maximizing best practices.

Recycling Chain

Effective e-scrap recycling programs require items to be gradually de-manufactured or refurbished until the materials have been converted back into a raw material commodity, product or finally disposed. The series of entities which undertakes this process is commonly called a Recycling Chain.


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