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Greenhouse Gas Verified Emissions Program

Global warming and the responsibilities of business to reduce greenhouse emissions have become prominent subjects in the business arena.

Control over greenhouse gas emissions has become important for many organisations and capturing and managing this greenhouse gas information accurately has become a cornerstone of how well they can be measured.

Many organizations have put steps in place to identify and manage their greenhouse gas emissions, implemented Reduction Strategies and offset any unavoidable emissions.

And for those that haven’t yet started, they need to understand, measure and manage their emissions and environmental impact as greenhouse gases are on the government and consumer agenda.

Global Issue. Local Solution

Organisations that have undertaken this work need to be able to state their “Greenhouse Gas Assertion” with confidence. Now, SAI Global can independently verify your Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Management claims so that you can make them public with confidence and provide your customers with confidence in your claims.

Two Tiered Certification

We have developed a two tiered approach to providing businesses with independent validation and verification statements against the International Standard ISO 14064, Greenhouse Gases:

Tier I - Carbon Managed

It is important to measure and manage the carbon emissions of your business and set clear policies for management and future reductions. Carbon Managed verification can help your organisation to promote its status with confidence. >> More information

Tier II - Carbon Neutral

“Carbon Neutral” certification is for organisations that have established and verified their base year against Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions, and have set, implemented and are achieving greenhouse gas reduction targets. They have also offset the remainder to become “Carbon Neutral”. >> More information

Global needs and attitudes towards best practice and sustainability are rapidly changing.
SAI Global has tailored solutions for your environmental management needs.

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