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ISO 14001 Management System Registration

SAI Global has registered organisations from a wide variety of sectors, including energy, resources, manufacturing, transportation, food, services and more, and remains a leader in providing local, customised service.
About the Standard
ISO 14001 is an international standard developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) through dedicated technical committees representing approximately 150 countries around the world. Its purpose is to enable an organisation of any type or size to develop and implement a policy committing it to prevention of pollution, compliance with legal and other requirements, and continual improvement. The realisation of this commitment will be a management system that recognises and manages the primary environmental issues through awareness and assessment of applicable legal requirements, objectives for improvement, assignment of responsibilities, competent personnel, communications, procedures, controls and monitoring, emergency response capability, self correction and assessment, and internal reviews. These processes are to be based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.
The SAI Global Approach
SAI Global can be instrumental in the success of your EMS. Our auditors are trained, capable and motivated to bring value and credibility to your environmental management system, while assessing its conformity to ISO 14001. Your auditors will have the necessary sector specific and environmental experience to meet SAI Global's commitment of Advancing Business Excellence.
SAI Global recognises that the standard is meant to work for all types of organisations, and the manner in which it is assessed will be appropriate to your business. With this in mind, SAI Global has pioneered innovative new practices. We have extensive capabilities to conduct audits covering multiple standards and specifications, and we routinely offer integrated environmental, quality and health and safety audits. For larger organisations, we can also audit all of your sites and provide analysis of the performance of your management systems.
The Benefits of SAI Global Registration
If your goal is to ensure that your management systems are achieving your expectations by playing a pivotal role in your current and future excellence, then SAI Global can partner with you. Our registration services will ensure that your systems are working effectively, while generating value and credibility.
SAI Global is the premiere choice when selecting a registrar. Our auditors cover virtually every sector, and are strategically located worldwide. Our respect in the industry calls for frequent participation in technical committees that guide the creation and revision of industry standards such as ISO 14001. When you partner with SAI Global for your registration needs, you know you're working with an industry leader.
Comprehensive Training
SAI Global is more than a source for management systems registration. We offer a full portfolio of comprehensive training programs to support your understanding, implementation and auditing of ISO 14001 based quality management systems. SAI Global training courses are offered as both public courses and 'onsite' at your preferred location upon request. Click here for more information on our quality management systems training courses.

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Benefit from our Environmental Management Systems training solutions

We offer a full portfolio of comprehensive training programs.

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