External Verification of Environmental Reports

SAI Global has successfully verified Corporate Sustainable Development Annual Reports, Corporate Environmental Annual Reports and Environmental Statements for a variety of organizations. SAI Global's External Verification of Environmental Reports (EVER) program is modeled on existing best practices for verification.

About the Program

SAI Global's EVER program verifies that a report is accurate, complete, consistent, relevant and transparent. Companies that successfully complete the program earn a Verification Statement for their report. This is accomplished through a conclusion based on whether any material discrepancies have been identified. Verified reports are an excellent tool for sharing key information with a variety of stakeholders, including the general public, local community, investors, media and others.

In order to ensure that SAI Global's verification letter carries the value your organization expects, SAI Global has developed its EVER service based on the latest verification practices from ISO 14064-3, Specification With Guidance for the Validation and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Assertions. A critical step in this service is the collection of initial information to assemble an accurate quote and competent verification team. A more extensive review is conducted of your report and its support systems, so that a risk-based sampling and verification plan can be proposed. This approach enables verification to be as effective as possible. The overall process is illustrated in the flowchart to the right.

The Benefits of SAI Global Verification

If your goal is to ensure that your processes and information management systems are achieving your expectations, then SAI Global can partner with you. Our EVER program will ensure that your systems are working effectively, while generating value and credibility.
SAI Global’s auditors cover virtually every sector, and are strategically located across North America and worldwide. Our respect in the industry calls for frequent participation in technical committees that guide the creation and revision of industry standards. When you partner with SAI Global for your registration needs, you know you're working with an industry leader.


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