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Human Service Quality Framework (HSQF)

The Human Services Quality Framework is the first consolidated set of standards developed for human services in Queensland...the framework significantly reduces administrative burden and compliance costs.

The Human Service Quality Framework (HSQF) provides a comprehensive integrated approach to quality assessment of human services in QLD. This program replaces the QLD Disability Service Standards, Standards for Community Services and the Child Safety Service Standards.

These Standards intend to:

  • Develop a common and systemic approach to quality review processes
  • Achieve a culture of quality and continuous improvement
  • Establish a consistent level of quality across the disability sector
  • Ensure equity across government and non-government services
  • Ensure that the delivery of services is responsive to needs of people with a disability, their families and carers
  •  Ensure that people with a disability have a say in how services are best provided to them
  • Strengthen safeguards for people with a disability.

Under the HSQF, service providers will need to maintain conformance against the HSQS over a three year audit cycle, with a mid-term maintenance audit conducted against four of the six standards at 18 months, which reduces some of the burden. Surveillance Audits can also be conducted over a 12 monthly cycle to align with other Standards if preferred.

The Standards promote service user engagement and participation where appropriate and monitoring and reviewing service provider’s quality systems for effectiveness. This streamlined approach helps to reduce duplication and administration and compliance costs for service providers.

The framework contains the following six Human Services Quality Standards:

  • governance and management
  • service access
  • responding to individual need
  • safety, well-being and rights
  • feedback, complaints and appeals
  • human resources.

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