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Disability and Human Services Certification

Recent reforms in the Australian Disability and Human Services Sector have led to increased expectations for consistent, sustainable and quality service delivery for people receiving government funded services.

SAI Global has extensive experience certifying organisations that provide services to people with disabilities and those receiving other government funded services including children, youth and family services, homelessness services, respite and out of home care services.

Our Disability and Human Services Certification Programs offer sensitive, expert and independent assessment of disability and human services providers nationally.

We are appropriately experienced and resourced to deliver effective audit services.

  • SAI Global is the leading certification body in Australia.
  • Our audit teams understand the disability and human services sectors including the increased focus on quality service delivery, the competing responsibilities and priorities for service providers and the needs and wishes of consumers.
  • We have auditors and consumer technical experts located around Australia.
  • Our auditors are sensitive and caring to the specific needs of the disability and human service sector.
  • SAI Global treat all confidential information about a service provider in accordance with the Disability Services Act 2006, Information Privacy Act 2000 (Victoria), the Health Records Act 2011 (Victoria), the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005, Child Protection Act 1999 and Child Protection Regulation 2011 (QLD) and other relevant legislation.
  • Consumers are invited to participate in the audit process through attendance at the opening and closing meetings of all audits and being interviewed as part of the audit and feedback process. Participation is at all times voluntary and is based on the principle of informed consent. Where possible, a consumer’s informed consent for interview shall also grant permission for the audit team to review that client’s file. This consent should be obtained in writing where required by Department contracts or legislation.
  • Once certified by SAI Global you are will be eligible to display the highly recognisable ‘Five Ticks’ StandardsMarkTM…. a sign of quality and excellence in the marketplace.

Programs and Standards available:

SAI Global also provide audit services in the areas of:

food safety, occupational health and safety, quality and environment.

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