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Supply Chain
Product Certification

Auditing and assessment

A Focus on Business Performance

Our business world is rapidly changing. Markets are dynamic, ever competitive and with increasing significance of Environmental, Social and Regulatory issues for Sustainability.
SAI Global provide you with the tools and services to maximise Business Performance, provide Confidence to stakeholders, improve Business Sustainability, maintain competitive advantage, protect company assets and intellectual capital, and fulfil risk mitigation and compliance.

Assurance Services

Through informative audit services, independent assessment, certification and registration services we can help you recognize your achievements. This can inspire confidence in customers and staff, break down barriers and help departments reach defined business objectives.

Reasons to Become Certified

The top reasons for certification are to:

  • Enhance company image
  • Meet customer demands
  • Gain preferred supplier status
  • Establish better control over business operations
  • For a foundation for continuous improvement.

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Audit and Certify

SAI Global Assurance Services assist businesses in highlighting improvement opportunities against world standards. We offer one of the most widely recognized symbols of excellence and assurance - the “five ticks” StandardsMark™ - supported by other benefits of using SAI Global, like:

  • Leading market position
  • ASX Top 300 company
  • 82% of Australians recognise the  StandardsMark™ “five tick” logo
  • High client satisfaction ratings
  • Global coverage – including key regions like Europe, North America, Australasia, Asia Pacific 
  • Largest market share of Management Systems Auditing in the US, Canada, Australia and Mexico
  • Ability to manage through centralized, regional hubs or country locations
  • Highly credentialed with multiple accreditations in several geographic locations
  • Our People
  • JAS-ANZ accredited.

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