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Management Systems for Recruitment Organisations

Organisations pursue ISO certification for varied reasons but often overlook the fact that adding value to their own business benefits both new and existing customers too!
Being ISO certified can provide an immediate boost for an organisation's credibility and reputation, providing them with a competitive edge. For tenders, the need to demonstrate effective management systems is essential so certification is an obvious advantage.
Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety apply to virtually all companies, however with recruitment companies increasingly collecting and storing potentially sensitive information.
Information Security Management Systems are becoming more prevalent.

ISO 9001 can be applied to any type and size of organisation, from small family-run businesses to the world's largest corporations and government institutions. It provides a structured yet flexible framework for a customer focused business management system that will drive business performance improvement.
ISO 27001 is an international standard giving requirements related to Information Security Management System in order to enable an organisation to assess its risk and implement appropriate controls to preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets, be they paper-based, electronic or other.
ISO 14001 is an environmental management system that assists companies in planning, monitoring and continually improving their competitive position and environmental performance. Elective ISO 14001 registration can empower companies to achieve and systematically control higher levels of environmental performance.
OHSAS 18001 is an international occupational health and safety management system. This standard enables companies to control health and safety risks, while at the same time promoting employee well-being and a safe work environment.
Comprehensive Training
SAI Global is more than a source for management systems registration. We offer a full portfolio of comprehensive training programs to support your understanding, implementation and auditing of ISO 9001 based quality management systems. SAI Global training courses are offered as both public courses and 'onsite' at your preferred location upon request. Click here for more information on our quality management systems training courses.
About SAI Global
SAI Global has registered over 24,000 service and manufacturing organisations to a wide range of ISO and industry standards. More than 700 SAI Global-certified audit professionals are located worldwide, providing a convenient, local source for registration services. Behind these auditors are dedicated SAI Global service teams, providing focused customer support from around 120 offices worldwide.
SAI Global is not only one of the leading management systems registrars, we are also a leader in helping companies use the registration process to make real and lasting improvements in their business. SAI Global recognises that most companies don't see obtaining a registration certificate as the end of their management systems journey. It's a milepost in your continuing pursuit of business excellence to ensure information security throughout your organisation.
SAI Global Auditors Are More Knowledgeable, Better Informed
Customers choose SAI Global because we are a supplier to depend on, and clients stay with us each year because of the value and insight that our auditor gives to their business.

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