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Pet Welfare Quality Assurance Schemes

As a leading Independent Assurance Provider, SAI Global helps organisations across the world proactively manage risk to achieve business excellence, growth, sustainability and ultimately, create trust.

We are the only provider in the UK offering a portfolio of Pet Welfare Quality Assurance standards for retailers, groomers and boarding establishments to prove and improve their animal welfare standards.

SAI Global Pet Welfare Scheme Benefits:

  • Provides independent verification that your business is caring, clean, safe and skilled.
  • Promotes your high standards of animal care and welfare and highlights any areas for improvement.
  • Demonstrates your dedication to pet care and meeting your customer expectations.
  • Provides an option of incorporating your specific company policies as a bolt-on.
  • Rewards you with a Certificate of Verification and use of our company logos.
 Pet Boarding Standard - NEW

The scheme is designed to give pet boarding businesses the opportunity to go one step higher than their basic licence issued by the Council and receive recognition for doing so. The scheme is two-tiered with basic and Gold levels and applies to Boarding Kennels, Catteries, Small Animals Boarding, Doggy Day Care Centres and home boarding.

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 Grooming Gold Standard

As groomers are not licensed, membership of this scheme provides groomers with a way of demonstrating their competence and professionalism. The requirements fall into several sections - Pet arrivals, accommodation, grooming equipment, grooming procedures, microchipping, health and welfare, training and waste disposal.

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 Pet Retailer Scheme

This scheme is the first and only quality assurance scheme for pet retailers in the UK. The standards cover all aspects of a pet retail business – checking licences, supplier details, accommodation, care, health and welfare of animals for sale, staff training and customer care. We also look at specific species requirements in our taxa standards.

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