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RABQSA Certified Quality Lead Auditor Training

NEW - Competency-based Quality Management System Lead Auditor Training
SAI Global now offer competency based Quality Management System Auditor training.
Unlike traditional QMS training, competency based training allows individuals with no qualifications or prior experience of quality systems to train as auditors.
This offers several benefits:
Organisations wishing to achieve QMS certification that have no QMS experienced staff can train the auditors they require to conduct their internal audits, which are a requirement of ISO 9001:2008.
Experienced employees with no prior experience of auditing and QMS can be trained as auditors, adding their existing business knowledge to their new auditing skills.
To ensure continued maximum effectiveness, a quality management system requires regular performance assessment. This is best achieved by using competent auditors, and competency based training allows organisations to train additional auditors, easing the pressure often placed on Quality Managers, who may be the only, or main, internal auditor.
Lead Auditor Certification
This course is certified by RABQSA International and meets the knowledge examination requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS) certification scheme accredited to ISO/IEC 17024. Attendees who successfully complete this course will receive a Certificate of Attainment for the following knowledge competency units:

• RABQSA - QM - Quality management systems
• RABQSA - AU - Management systems auditing
• RABQSA - TL - Leading management systems audit teams
This course is also certified by RABQSA International to meet the training portion of the requirements for Qualification Based certification of individual QMS Provisional Auditors, Auditors, and Lead Auditors.
Course Objectives
This certified course is the first to offer a completely new approach to quality management systems lead auditor training. The training is focused on attendee attainment of three sets of defined competencies: auditing skills, quality management systems, and team leader skills.
This training follows the basic steps of a QMS audit, from Preparation and Evaluation, to Reporting and Corrective Action. Participants learn auditing processes and procedures using the Guidelines for Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems Auditing (ISO 19011) standard, as well as the ISO 9000 series of standards. The training provides insights into external audits, such as third-party registrars and supplier audits and also includes key concepts that can be applied within your own internal audit program. Practical workshops, case studies, and simulated audits are used to practice new skills and techniques. Competency-based exercises are conducted throughout the course and a final written examination is undertaken on the last day of training.
Key Session Topics:
• Key principles of Quality Management Systems
• ISO 19011 definitions and guidelines
• Interpreting the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard
• Implementing and managing an effective audit program using the process approach
• Planning the audit and conducting opening meetings
• Understanding auditor roles and responsibilities
• Conducting on-site audit activities
• Collecting audit information
• Communicating effectively during the audit
• Generating audit findings
• Preparing audit conclusions
• Conducting closing meetings
• Reporting audit results
• Conducting an audit follow-up
  Who Should Attend?
• Individuals who want to become an RABQSA Certified Provisional Auditor, Auditor
• Principle Auditor, Lead Auditor, or Business Improvement Auditor
• Individuals interested in conducting first-party, second-party, and third-party audits
• Individuals leading their companies to ISO 9001 registration
• Management representatives, Quality Managers, Engineers, and Consultants
Competency vs Qualification Based Certification
Competency-Based Personnel Certification provides confidence that auditors certified by SAI Global have demonstrated the specific competencies defined by industry as requirements for auditors who work in each industry sector. Competency-based certification means that SAI Global will be required to examine your knowledge, skills, personal attributes and qualifications specific to the scheme and/or scope of certification.
Traditional Qualification-Based Personnel Certification schemes are based on the applicant's education and qualifications, rather than on the basis of measurable competence
Attendees of the courses are examined by the instructor throughout this course to determine that a sufficient level of understanding has been achieved for them to be considered competent against the TPECS requirements


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