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The Lifecycle of a Settlement

Settlement software and services
SAI Global provides the banks and financial institutions with all software and services to manage the entire settlement process.
Property search and due diligence
Our information broking platform, Search Manager, affords users a complete picture of the individual or business seeking a mortgage – the status of the property and its potential owners and whether or not there is a risk associated with extending a loan. It enables users to conduct certificate of title (land title and title deed), individual, business and commercial information searches and diligence, credit and insolvency checks.
Settlement workflow tool
SAI Global Property’s Settlement Manager  software provides banksand financial institutions with an end-to-end settlement workflow, enabling them to centralise their settlement activity and track the status of matters as they move through to completion. The software also provides our clients with seamless integration with Search Manager, our Self Service Booking (SSB) software and for those with a recent Settlement Manager  upgrade, access to Settlement Room.
Settlement booking service
Part of our outsourced suite of settlement services, our Self-Service Settlement Booking (SSB) software enables conveyancers and solicitors to book settlement and enter cheque details online without needing to contact banks and financial institutions direct. It is also used to validate and confirm critical information prior to booking the settlement.
Collaborative online meeting place
Scheduled to replace our SSB system, our Settlement Room software includes the additional functionality of a collaborative online meeting place where all parties in a settlement can share, compare and agree on information prior to settlement, iron out problems with “paperwork” and access payment directions. The new upgrade will also provide all participants in a transaction with a central online repository for booking the date, time and location of each settlement transaction, providing all parties with real time visibility of the status of a booking. 
Outsourced  settlement services
SAI Global Property provides banks and financial institutions with the opportunity to outsource all pre, post and settlement services – from document tracking and scanning, settlement attendance to banking of settlement funds, lodging and registering documents with state authorities and custodian dispatch of the completed file.
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