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Self-service settlement booking (SSB) service

Validating and confirming critical information prior to settlement
SAI Global Property’s online Self Service Booking (SSB) service has done much to improve cooperation between lenders and conveyancers in the critical period leading up to settlement. This is a service that we offer our financial institution clients e.g. Bankwest & CBA and in turn benefits our conveyancing and legal practitioners.
This service was replaced by Settlement Room in October 2014.
SSB enabled conveyancers and legal representatives to: 
  • Validate and confirm critical information prior to settlement.
  • Make the settlement booking online.
  • Validate transaction details.
  • Enter cheque directions or obtain a payout figure (the releases and discharges) and funds available for settlement cheques.
  • Raise issues with the bank early on in the process to ensure successful settlement. All this can be done without the inconvenience of having to wait in phone queues.
The SSB process works in the following way: Once the incoming or outgoing bank is ready to settle, they will generate a ‘self-service booking key’ which they will email or fax to the conveyancer or legal practitionervia our in-house settlement management system, inviting conveyancing and legal practitioners into the bank’s online file (the matter) located within the system.
Once in the file they can make a settlement booking, enter cheque details and verify documentation, without needing to contact the bank.
The SSB service also provides conveyancers and legal representatives with automated alerts should the status of a matter change or should there be relevant information changes once the settlement has been booked.

Learn how to use the SSB by watching this 15 minute Webinar.

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