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Stewart Title Limited is a specialist insurance company providing protection to property owners and lenders against risks inherent in the real estate transaction.
In Australia, Stewart Title Limited is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and its risks are reinsured with its parent company. Stewart Title is authorised to provide general insurance in all States and Territories and offers a full range of both residential and commercial title insurance products to purchasers, existing homeowners and lenders.
Stewart Title Limited provide solutions that enhance the conveyancing and lending processes without transforming them. Their unwavering philosophy is that the role of the title insurer should be to underwrite risk, allowing the conveyancing professionals to do what they do best.
IMPORTANT: Stewart Title Limited does not support programs that reduce or eliminate the conveyancing professional’s role in the transaction. Throughout the world, Stewart Title supports the role of Conveyancers and Solicitors in the conveyancing transaction.
Via Search Manager, the following policies can be obtained:

Residential Purchaser PolicyThe Stewart Title Residential Purchaser Policy provides protection for properties against certain unknown and hidden risks in residential or rural zonings such as residential homes, vacant land and strata properties with surrounding land and boundaries which require survey and boundary coverage.
Residential Strata PolicyThe Residential Strata Policy provides protection against certain unknown and hidden risks in respect of strata title apartments and units with no surrounding land (the boundaries of the unit or apartment are defined by reference to the building rather than boundary fences) and thus do not require survey and boundary coverage. These properties many be zoned rural or residential.
Commercial Purchaser PolicyA Commercial Purchaser Policy provides protection against certain unknown and hidden risks in respect of commercial, industrial and rural zoned land. Such properties would include: offices, warehouses, shops, factories etc
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