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Operational Excellence

When you work with SAI Global Property, you are working with an organization that is on a journey to operational excellence.
It is a never-ending journey because we believe ‘There is always a better way…’
Developed and launched as a formal business improvement program in April 2011, SAI Global Property’s OpEx program aims to continually enhance our business and deliver key benefits and outcomes for our shareholders, clients and our staff as it permeates our culture and the way we think about and deliver service.
In an Operational Excellence environment:
  • We behave professionally towards each other and our clients
  • We recognize exceptional performance and develop our high-performers to their fullest potential
  • Quality is an integral part of the way we do our work, and where quality is part of our DNA
  • We constantly challenge how we do things and recognise that there is always a better way
  • We closely manage our costs and we run our business as if it was our own
  • We are all accountable for our performance and productivity
This is the environment we strive towards each day and OpEx is how we do business. The program is embedded in our culture - from senior management to each and every team member.
SAI Global Property achieved an Australian wide ISO 9001 certification in 2011. Even though this certificate is valid for a three-year period, we are still independently audited each year to prove that we still comply. Our ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and continuous improvement.
The Benefits of OpEx:
  • By enabling us to implement greater efficiencies into the property transfer process, OpEx has helped us become the largest player in our sector - providing financial institutions, solicitors and conveyancers with a highly integrated property information, conveyancing and settlement solution.
  • Helped us become an employer of choice and provide opportunities for all our staff to develop and grow, both professionally and personally;
  • Increased staff satisfaction and maximized productivity;
  • Helped us manage our workflow in the most effective manner possible, enabling us to deliver on service expectations;
  • Helped us provide our clients with informed and measured feedback;
  • Improved the way we work with our clients, continuously refining our service delivery;
  • Greater focus on value-adding initiatives, ensuring we continuously streamline our processes and add value to our client’s businesses and their customers;
  • Helped us identify service delivery solutions that deliver on our client’s specific business requirements;
  • Maximized idea generation across the business so that we continue to innovate and lead our industry.
OpEx is structured and runs as a holistic business improvement program. Key people are dedicated to the process and accountable for results, timeframes are set and delivered on and staff are engaged and actively contributing to the program at all multiple levels throughout the organisation.

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