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The single purpose of our relationship with you as a Standards Developing Organization (SDO) or publisher of normative documents is to maximize the sales and distribution of your publications.

Established for more than 50 years with a staff of over 1,000 dedicated professionals and offices on three continents, SAI Global has the experience and expertise to make this a reality for you, as we have for many of the leading Standards publishers.

We offer quality expertise and experience in the fields of Standards marketing, customer service, fulfillment, distribution and data conversion.

Flexible Approach

We offer a flexible approach to our Publishers, which permits you as the copyright holder to tailor your agreement with us to suit your needs exactly.

Through a variety of tools, we can take your publications into new markets and increase your sales in existing markets. SAI Global will work with you on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis in all or some territories to fit with your requirements.

Market Philosophy

Central to our philosophy is that:
  • the market for Standards and business publications is elastic
  •  increasing the availability and number of access points leads to greater sales
  • providing quality customer service leads to greater sales
  • any agreement should be at low cost and risk to the Publisher
  • every effort should be made to educate the marketplace that illegal copying is theft
Customer Service, New Markets, New Media

Our multi-lingual customer service and distribution centres through US, Europe and Australasia can make your publications available to those markets in any combination of formats:
  • Hardcopy / printed
  • Electronic / PDF
  • Subscription-based recurring revenue web portals

We promote our current Publishers’ publications to both new prospects, and our extensive global database of existing clients in a number of ways:
  • direct marketing
  • digital marketing
  • leading trade shows
  • telemarketing
  • and our extensive international field sales force
To discuss your requirements further, please contact us.


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