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As a legal professional you need fast, reliable access to critical commercial information.  Understanding company structures, asset ownership and relationships is essential to provide the right advice in any commercial matter.  You would know that the quality of your service is only as good as the information you receive and is limited by the time and resources available for interpreting that data.

The days of sifting through lengthy reports in order to understand key personal, company and property information, are over!

Encompass provides a new visual way to explore people, companies, properties and assets and understand the relationships between them.  You can significantly reduce time spent managing documents and instead focus on the legal work that your customers value.  Furthermore, with the Encompass visual chart you can ensure you have the full picture and nothing is overlooked – the result: reduced risk and better results for the firm and your clients.

Encompass For Legal Features


Interactive Visual Chart: Automatically build the full picture. Quickly identify key information and relationships from the visual workspace

Non-Expiring Documents: Purchased reports never expire

Summary View:
Control how you download your reports and speed up the retrieval process

Download a White Paper: Lean Legal

This white paper demonstrates how Encompass offers an information visualisation solution to significantly improve the way law firms manage commercial information, enabling them to respond more effectively to market forces while continuing to increase client value and productivity.



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