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Encompass powerfully and securely consolidates information about people, property, companies and assets in one place.  It provides access to commercial data sets from a growing list of government regulatory bodies, information providers and credit bureau sources.  In Australia, these include:
  • The company’s regulator - ASIC
  • The bankruptcy register - AFSA (formerly known as ITSA) 
  • The Secured Interests Registers - PPSR
  • Land Title information
  • Other Government Regulatory data
  • GDC personal verification data
  • RP Data/ Core Logic property AVMs and reports and

Encompass revolutionises the way businesses search, review and manage their commercial data. By aggregating information from a range of sources it provides the full and accurate picture of a company’s or person’s commercial circumstances and enables users to make faster, more informed decisions - resulting in reduced costs, reduced risk, increased productivity and increased compliance.

Data Products Available In Encompass

Encompass is continually growing the number of reports, data sources and commercial information sources available within our product. Today, you can benefit from the full picture, fast, using the data sources you already know and trust, including:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) maintain registers that provide information on companies, business names, persons, documents and more. As an ASIC approved information broker, SAI Global Property provides direct convenient web based access to ASIC registers and the following reports via Encompass:

ASIC - Banned Register Extract
ASIC - Current & Historical Extract
ASIC - Current Extract
ASIC - Document (large)
ASIC - Document (small)
ASIC - National Business - Current & Historical
ASIC - National Business Names - Current
ASIC - Personal Current & Historical Extract
ASIC - Professional Register Extract
ASIC - Relational Company Extract

Personal Property Securities Register

Due to reform to the Personal Property Securities Act 2009, the laws and registers regarding personal property security interests from the different Commonwealth, States and Territories were consolidated under one national system in 2012. This included the creation of the national Personal Property Security Register (PPSR). Reports available through PPSR include:

PPSR - Individual Grantor Search
PPSR - Organisation Grantor Search (each)
PPSR  - Motor Vehicle
PPSR- Watercraft
PPSR - Aircraft
PPSR - Intellectual Property
PPSR - Registration Number Search
PPSR - Ordinal Search
PPSR - Search Certificate
PPSR - Search Certificate Attachment
PPSR - Registration Number Search

Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) (Formelly known as The Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia)

The Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia (ITSA) is the government agency responsible for the administration and regulation of the personal insolvency system in Australia. This includes maintaining an index called the National Personal Insolvency Index ("NPII") which contains information on proceedings and administrations under the Bankruptcy Act, 1966. The follow reports are available via Encompass:

AFSA - Bankruptcy Search
AFSA - No Match
AFSA - Subsequent Extract

Land Titles Offices

Each state and territory government provides access to information about land and property ownership, boundaries and valuation. The following online and manual Land Information searches and certificates are available via Encompass:

NSW LPI - Title Search
NSW LPI - Owner Inquiry
QLD DERM - Owner Name Inquiry
QLD DERM - Property Address Inquiry
QLD DERM - Title Search On-line
LANDATA - Proprietor Name Search
LANDATA - Property Address Search
LANDATA - Title Search Online
WA Landgate - Owner Name Search
WA Landgate - Street Address Search
WA Landgate - Title Search Online

RP Data

RP Data is the biggest provider of property information and analytics in Australia.  Their evaluations and reports draw insight from Australia's most comprehensive, up to date property data. The following data products are available via Encomapss:

RP Data  Auto Val
RP Data Property Report
RP Data - Property Profile

Global Data Company

The Global Data Company (GDC) provides direct, convenient, web based access to identity information. Use GDC personal verification information from a range of sources, to check identity and proceed with confidence. The following reports are available through Encompass:

GDC - Personal  Verification - Australia

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