Encompass Features


Encompass integrates seamlessly into your workflow, allowing you to customise the workflow to suit you.

By simply right clicking on a person, property, company in the chart, you can attach your own documents to augment the chart to and seamlessly integrate with the way you work today. 
Whether it’s a PDF word document, image, audio or video file, Encompass supports all the rich media that will turn your workspace into a part of your everyday workflow.

No more tedious searching through matters to find case information, meeting notes or matter files, everything you need to make informed decisions fast can be attached with a few clicks.


Many hands make light work and there’s no reason searching, reviewing and managing your commercial information should be any different with Encompass Collaboration.

With our collaboration feature you can bring others into the conversation and share with your team, providing stakeholders access to build on the workspace including access to all the source reports and data that make up your chart.

It’s more than a static share; it allows you to bring together other Encompass users and gives all parties the ability to continue to search, review and manage the commercial information in the way that makes the most sense to them. You will benefit from their input as it refreshes for all collaborators, giving you access to their reports and visualisation.

No more waiting for documents to be passed back and forth between colleagues, teams and departments. Encompass Collaborate allows you to make informed decisions in a fraction of the time. Remove productivity bottlenecks, leverage your team to never miss important details and get the full picture, fast.

Combined PPSR Search

Manually searching the Personal Property Securities Register is a time consuming process.  With Encompass, you can confidently search with the information you know - without missing the details you don’t.With Encompass, you can enter part of a company name, ABN or CAN and automatically receive registrations for all three in a single search.

Don’t let the disparate nature of the registry or the large amount of time it takes to search each by individual method stand between you and making the right decision, fast.
All the assets, all the grantors, all the details, one simple search. 

Consolidate Documents

One of the most time consuming elements of managing commercial information has always been consolidating all the documents and reports that form the basis of your matter in one place. As the number of sources of information expands, the pressure to stay on top of all the documents is ever increasing.

With Encompass, downloading all the original documents, reports and data in your workspace is simply a matter of a couple of clicks. It doesn’t matter how many reports, documents and registrations, Encompass can consolidate them into one PDF. 

Documents Panel

The power of Encompass lies in the ability for you to take the same reports you use today and instantly visualise the relationships between all the important details. Encompass extracts the details from more than 40 different reports and documents and displays it as an interconnected chart. The Encompass Documents Panel gives you the confidence that the documents - in their original format - are only ever a click away.

Simply choose any part of your visualisation, be it a company, person, registration or property, and Encompass will highlight the document that it originated from.
The documents panel also communicates important information about the data in your workspace, including the status of each of the reports and a purchase history of documents.
With Encompass you can have the best of both worlds: leverage the powerful elegance and of the chart’s visualisation with the confidence of the documents in their original formats are always never far away.

Download & Print Your Reports

Encompass allows you complete control over the documents you download into your workspace.

You now have the option to download any individual report that feeds into your chart or consolidate all the source documents into a single consolidated PDF file, allowing you to print every single report with a single click.

Now you can use Encompass to make decisions knowing you understand the full picture whilst still integrating seamlessly with your organisation’s workflows, reporting requirements and practice management software

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