For existing customers, please note further Help and Online Training resources are available within Encompass - simply login here or phone Encompass support on 1300 362 667.

Q: I understand that Encompass visualises the search results, but do I get the actual reports as well?

A: Encompass visualises a chart from the exact data in the PDF reports received from the different Data Sources, and downloads the PDF reports as well.

Q: Can I run ASIC and PPSR searches at the same time?

A: Encompass has included the option to purchase ASIC Company and ASIC Company and Historical Extracts in the PPSR Search form, allowing you to combine these searches into the one transaction.

Q: What reports can I get using Encompass?

A: Encompass includes the following data sources for you to work with:  Australian Business Register (ABR), Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Insolvency and Trustee Service of Australia (ITSA), Land Title Registry, Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), Global Data Company (GDC), Residential Property (RP) Data and more on the way, including Credit Reports.

Q: Where can I find training and support for Encompass?

A: There are a number of options available for training on Encompass.   You can Train Online by completing the Encompass E-Learning course which is available on the Encompass Landing page when you login.  You can also attend Facilitator Led training, regularly hosted by our Partner SAI Global.  To review the schedule call 1300 362 667 or email support@encompasscorporation.com

Q: Is there some way to simplify a very large and complex chart?

A: Encompass applies aggregation to ASIC Company Extracts and PPSR charts where the number of icons meet specific thresholds. You will receive a summary view of the Chart that you can expand and collapse, as needed.  You can also filteroff any number of icons, as well as display the chart in different views and layouts.

Q: I need to re-purchase searches and refresh the workspace, but how do I know what has changed since the previous searches?

A: Encompass offers a Workspace Refresh function where all searches in a Workspace can be re-run in a single transaction.  All changes to the workspace and documents are highlighted for you, as well as no longer valid information.

Q: Is there a way I can share the workspace electronically?

A: Encompass allows you to share a workspace with anyone – they do not need to be a registered user of Encompass. They will be able to work with the data and reports, print the chart, and download and print all documents.

Q: Can I print registrations specific to a Secured Party?

A: You can sort and filter the data and reports for a Secured party or any particular entity, and select to print or download only the related documents and chart.Using the list panel and PPSR tab, sort the data by clicking on the column heading for Secured party. Select the records for the secured party you require. Open the documents panel and right-click on one of the highlighted documents and select print or download.

Q: Can I filter a PPSR Summary Report by collateral class?

A: Encompass provides a dynamic PPSR Summary Report that you can display in Detailed or Summarised format. You can also filter the report to include specific collateral classes, including All PAAP registrations – migrated charges.

Q: Can I use a search that my colleague has recently undertaken?

A: Encompass provides a functionality to store all searches for an organisation in a database, enabling you to select a previous search undertaken by someone in your organisation. This is an enormous cost saving benefit.