Case Studies

Encompass Case Studies

"We didn't want the discussion in the client meeting to be limited to hypotheticals. Encompass enables us to quickly understand the situation and provide meaningful advice to the client regarding the various registered security interests. Our prompt response surpassed the expectations of our client"
Chris Wilkinson, Partner,
Brown Wright Stein Lawyers


"Encompass provided me with the information I needed in a timely manner and in an easy to understand format, making me more efficient and effective."

Mark Tippet, Senior Analyst

Ferrier Hodgson

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 "When you're in the early stage of an investigation you are constantly hypothesising, wondering and searching. With Encompass, we can get the answers we need immediately. Sometimes, the system seems to work as fast as you are thinking."

Dean Newlan. Partner


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"Had there been a different process at finance, it would have brought up alarm bells and this would have been all over."

Barry Wells, Public officer under investigations at the IBAC examination

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 "With Encompass I was able to accurately understand the context of the situation. By seeing the full picture, I uncovered critical links that I may have otherwise missed."

Mario Christodoulou, researcher

ABC Four Corners

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 "Encompass reduces the searching time, so it takes five minutes instead of potentially days. It also makes us more productive - instead of spending so much time on search and review, we can be doing other work."

Cheyne Clarke, Lawyer

Gilbert + Tobin

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 "A picture tells a thousand words, and Encompass makes it easier and faster to dissect information. It saves time and stress, enabling our team to focus on tasks that require greater attention."

Marcus Rodaughan, Senior Manager

Pitcher Partners

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