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What we learned at the Managing Partners Forum for Boutique and Small Firms another great Chilli IQ event.
If I say “chilli”, you would probably think of something hot-tasting with strength in flavour that would literally wake you up after just 1 bite. If I say “MPF”, those who are managing partners or have a leadership role in legal practices would probably think “Managing Partners Forum”. Recently, in August, Chilli IQ hosted its annual MPF event for boutique and small firms. The attendees needed just one a taste and were hooked. It was easy to stay awake and alert for the two days of presentations by industry experts and thought leaders.

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Visual search software opens up new frontiers for accountants

With the accounting profession under extreme pressure from digital disruption, to be relevant accountants will need to shift from their current reliance on compliance and tax to a much greater emphasis on management accounting and the provision of advisory services.

A critical part of this evolutionary process will be the adaptation to new technology and the use of commercial information management solutions (CIM) to aid and abet the delivery of these delivery.

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New 'Search' Report Slashes Costs of Data Analysis

The launch of SAI Global’s Dynamic Company and Securities Report is to set significantly lessen this spend by halving the time allocated to traditional search and analysis.
Says SAI Global Head of Information Services Strategy, Benjamin Balk: “It does this by gathering company and securities’ data from multiple sources then pulling it together into a concise upfront summary report, prioritizing critical information and flagging issues that may require further research.

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New 'Search' Report Addresses Lawyers' Single Greatest Fear

In an industry where accuracy is everything and risk aversion, the name of the game, the key dread of lawyers across all disciplines is the 'fear of missing out' on critical information that could result in the provision of inaccurate information or the wrong instructions - forever tarnishing reputations and leaving a practitioners integrity in tatters.

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New 'Search' Report To Radically Reduce Human Error

Australia's banks and financial institutions provide in excess of $650 billion in commercial credit to the market. The majority of commercial loan decisions rely on company and securities checks which provide insights into a business's ability to manage debt.

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Managing CommercialInformation with Confidence

Read what Karen Lee has to say about the strong demand there is in this competitive environment, for professionals who appreciate the benefit and value of CIM.

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