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Transfer your certification

Transfer your existing certification to SAI Global to get the “Five Ticks”

  • You’ve made the commitment to your Management System,
  • You are maintaining valid accredited certificate and
  • You want the recognition for your certification that the SAI Global “Five Ticks” StandardsMark provides.
Or perhaps you’re looking for the expertise of the SAI Global auditing staff and the added value that SAI Global provides. 
We make it easy for you
If you have made the decision to transfer your certification to SAI Global from another provider, here 5 Steps to Transferring:
  1. Request a quote by emailing or you can click here to Request a Quote. Or call 1300 360 314.
  2. Send an application form. We will waive the application fee
  3. You will need to provide some documents like  a copy of your current valid accredited certificate; last audit report from your existing accredited certification body and corrective action plans if applicable
  4. We will discuss with you the transfer process and organize a pre-transfer site visit as appropriate
  5. Once this has been finalized and submitted documentation is reviewed and approved by the SAI Global Certification authority,  you will receive a new Certificate and then you will be able to display the “Five Ticks” StandardsMark

Note: This must be used as a general guide only. May vary for different programs or Standards or number of sites. For a detailed transfer plan, please contact us on 1300 360 314.


Download your "Five Tick" StandardsMark

Certified through SAI Global? then you can download the logo for display on your letterhead, business cards and marketing material.

product certification

Have you got a product that you need certified?

We certify products to many Standards. Take a look at our product certification pages to get your plumbing. electrical, construction products and more certfied.