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Product Certification

Transfer your Registration

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

 Transferring your registration to SAI Global is an easy and seamless process. Just follow  this path:

  • Complete our proposal form, which will give us the information we need to present you with a quotation.
  • Submit for review a copy of your current registration certificate, your audit reports from a complete cycle (certification audit and surveillances), any non-conformances you may received with proof of closure, and information on your customer complaints with actions taken.
  • Submit acceptance of the quotation, sign and return it to us.
  • This package of information will be reviewed by the SAI Global registration team, and upon acceptance of this package we will schedule your next audit and issue your organization a SAI Global certificate.

Your assigned Business Development Manager will help you along the course of this process...we’re here to help!

You are encouraged to play an active role in the transfer of your materials, including interviewing auditors to help find one that’s a good fit for your organization, as well as picking audit dates that work with your schedule (where possible.)

Request for Transfer of Certification 

Registration Services:
US:  1-800-247-0802    |    CA:  1-800-465-3717
Training Services:
US:  1-800-374-3818    |    CA:  1-877-426-0714

Certificate of Registration

Upon the transfer of your certification, you will immediately receive a new certificate of registration from SAI Global as proof of your registration to quality standards.