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StandardsMark changes

Having your management system certified with SAI Global means you have access to the well recognized “5 Tick” StandardsMark™. Whilst 82% of Australians readily recognize the StandardsMark™*, SAI Global are improving the recognition further, and are now taking this mark to the worldwide audience.

Don’t worry though, though there are several changes, they are subtle, and make the logo easier to use. To assist you with the transition, we have answered some of your questions below

For a PDF with the variances, click here

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to replace the sign with the old logo on my buildings or my trucks?

No you don’t need to change from the old logo to the new one, though over time it would be best to change if you can. If you are moving to new premises and have a new sign produced, this would be a great time to change to the new “Certified System” StandardsMark™ logo.

Do I need to throw out existing printed material, brochures etc that show the old mark?

No, you can keep using your existing brochures, letterhead, business cards etc. However, as your stocks draw down, or you have a need for other artwork design changes, we’d like you to also use this opportunity to change to the new “Certified System” StandardsMark™ logo

Which logos are changing?

All of the Management System Certification Programs run by SAI Global will be changing to the new format.

Is the Product Certification Logo Changing?

No, the Product Certification StandardsMark™ logo, applied directly to product to demonstrate conformance will not change. Only the Certified System StandardsMark™ has been redesigned.

Where do I go to get the new logo?

Go to The logo is available in several formats, depending on what type of graphics software you use. Just choose the logo that reflects the management system for which you have been certified.

Can I still download the old logo?

No, the older versions of the logo are no longer available for download.

What are the rules governing the use of the new logo?

Go to Make sure you read the “Rules of Use” to be sure you will be using the logo correctly. These include where you can, as well as where you cannot use the logo, the proper colors and fonts, and some suggestions of how best to use the logo.

What are the main changes?

To a lot of people, it looks the same – which is a good thing, since it is one of the best recognized certification marks. We have freshened the logo and its look, and have made it easier to use, including:

- Tightly cropping the border, to make better use of printing space.

- Providing a transparent background – useful for applying onto a background such as a website

- Made the look consistent across all logos, useful for multi certified clients

- Reduced the amount of wording underneath, allowing it to fit into tight spaces such as business cards.

Can I use the logo in different colors?

SAI Global is building on the strength of recognition of the StandardsMark™ by moving most logos to the Red color. Many organizations have been certified for Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management and would prefer to continue to use the Yellow and Green versions of the StandardsMark™. We have prepared new versions of the OHS and Environment logo, with the option to remain using the Yellow and Green marks in the new format, or move to the Red StandardsMark™ if your prefer.

How does this benefit my organization?

SAI Global is continuing to build the strength in the StandardsMark™ brand, which allows your customers to more quickly recognize your achievements. The recognition of the mark will be growing in international markets where SAI Global have established significant global presence. Once again, our growth ensures recognition of your achievements locally and internationally.

Can I use the logo on my Products?

No, the Certified System logo cannot be used on a product or product packaging seen by the consumer, or in any other way that can be interpreted as denoting product conformity.

Contact us

Should you have any questions about applying the logo, or the change to the new logo, please don’t hesitate to contact SAI Global:

> Call us 1300 360 314   or email


*UMR Pty Ltd research Dec 2004.


Download your "Five Tick" StandardsMark

Certified through SAI Global? then you can download the logo for display on your letterhead, business cards and marketing material.