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Five Ticks StandardsMark Merchandise

Congratulations on achieving certification through SAI Global Ltd. We hope you enjoy the many benefits certification can offer – including the unique marketing advantage of using your particular certification mark.

Maximise the benefits of Certification

Prominent display of the certification marks on your stationary, signage, transport; packaging and other promotional material helps reinforce your organisation’s commitment to improvement – to both your customers and your staff. It also helps maximise your competitive advantage in the marketplace that you’ve achieved though certification.

A market research project by UMR research* found that 82% of respondents recognised the "Five-Ticks" StandardsMarkTM

Environmental Management Systems Poster     ISO 9001 Poster     OHSMS Poster

Download your free PDFs of these A3 Posters to let your staff and stakeholders know "We've made the Commitment".

Order your printed copies by via the Merchandise webshop.

Merchandise Webshop

Take a look at our range of merchandise on offer. We welcome your suggestions for additional merchandise products. Please email with your ideas.

You can even co-brand merchandise with your logo and the "Five Ticks".

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(Make sure you have your licence number ready - you can find it on your certificate, or search our certification register:

Note: Supply of merchandise is via JEM Promotional Products. Invoicing will come from SAI Global once your order has been submitted.

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*research conducted in 2005.


Download your "Five Ticks" StandardsMarkTM

Certified through SAI Global? Download the logo for display on your letterhead, business cards, marketing material and more