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A Customised Solution for Supply Chain Management

The importance of properly managing store operations and supply chains is growing rapidly. Therefore retailers need to know that products and services are provided at the right price, meet appropriate standards and fulfill expectations for quality. In addition, there are considerable and increasing challenges in the retail marketplace. Customers are increasing demands and raising expectations. Regulatory bodies are closely scrutinizing the industry. In addition, many retailers are concerned with their brand integrity and ensuring proper risk management.

Based on industry needs, SAI Global has developed customised supply chain management solutions, designed to fit any company’s needs.

Store Audits
Ensure at the store level that proper protocols are followed for food safety, sanitation, display advertising, health and  safety, environmental management, as well as other critical  operational metrics. Adherence to these items is measured via scheduled audits or mystery shopping.

Training Services
Design and delivery of training programs for employees, including food handling, food safety, health and safety, environmental practices and more. Training services are  delivered via e-learning, webinars, onsite or public training.

Supplier Data Management
Use of SAI Global Online - a web-based, interactive platform - for custom management of supply chains.

Supplier Audits
Conduct second or third party audits for suppliers to  ensure the organisation’s requirements or those of national or international requirements are being followed.

Manufacturing and Distribution Center Audits
Perform second or third party audits of the organisation’s locations for requirements that are unique to the organization, as well as national or international programs.

Excellent Supply Chain Management protects your Brand and encourages consumer satisfaction.

The retail sector is also increasingly integrating and working more closely with their supply chains. The need for improved supply chain management is critical in ensuring that products and services are provided at the right price, quality and standard.

As a market leader in audit and inspection services, SAI Global provides customized solutions based on individual businesses’ specific requirements. Clients can determine the frequency and the type of audits/inspections from thirty minute spot checks, to full compliance audits encompassing food safety and hygiene, fire safety, health and safety, price integrity, trading standards, contractor compliance, legal standards and more.

SAI Global has several years’ experience and knowledge gained from working in the Vendor Compliance sector with a number of global players.

Through the expertise of our staff and a web based global software platform (SAIGOL – SAI Global Online), SAI Global has helped many customers achieve continual improvement within their vendor approval management systems to maximise visibility within their vendor chain and ensure full traceability as well as a robust due diligence defense to show enforcement authorities and/or government departments.

Within the assurance division there is a number of multi lingual technically competent teams who specialise in detailed technical reviews of customer specific information such as technical assessment documentation, self-assessment questionnaire and audit report reviews as well as verification of product claims, and specification approval. In addition regional Certification teams review and manage all certification processes for 3rd party systems (GFSI) ensuring adherence to the stringent protocols these numerous standards have.

SAI Global has decades of experience in auditing, certification and training services. Our technical competence across many industry sectors is underpinned by a dynamic technology based platform.

Our “Purpose” is to provide confidence to organisations and their shareholders that planned objectives will be achieved through the effectiveness of their critical business processes which SAI Global deliver on by helping organisations manage risk, achieve compliance and drive improvement.



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