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IFS PACsecure is a standard that was designed for managing quality and safety related to product packaging. As a member of the IFS (International Featured Standards) family, this standard provides a comprehensive quality assurance program, which in the case of IFS PACsecure is specifically designed for the packaging component of the supply chain.

The standard enables packaging manufacturers to certify that primary and secondary materials utilized in the packaging process are safe for the food industry. IFS PACsecure covers flexible and rigid plastics, as well as paper, metal and glass. The of the main objectives of the standard include adherence to GFSI guidelines, reduction in cost and time for retailers as well as suppliers, comparability throughout the food supply chain, and establishment of common benchmarks and evaluations. In addition, the program works with accredited certification bodies (i.e. SAI Global Assurance Services) as well as skilled IFS approved audit staff.

Key sections of the IFS PACsecure standard for companies working toward certification include:

  • Senior management responsibility. liQuality and packaging material safety management system.
  • Resource management
  • Planning and production process
  • Measurements, analysis and improvements
  • Packaging material defense / food defense and external inspections

    Benefits of IFS PACsecure include:

    • GFSI benchmarking
    • Strong auditor competency to ensure users of the safety and quality of products they purchase
    • IFS Integrity Program – a proprietary IFS complaint management system developed as a program to ensure the integrity of IFS standards, registered certification bodies and auditors. It is applied globally through a network of IFS trained and privately employed auditors
    • Technical Industry Expertise – PAC are the experts on packaging requirements for the food industry
    • IFS auditXpress – the proprietary internal audit program for industry and certification body use
    • Database Access – the most expansive and user-friendly database available where all IFS audit reports are stored behind a password protected firewall for the integrity of IFS certified companies. The IFS Data Portal provides special reporting functionality to help retailers and manufacturers easily manage their suppliers
    • Steering of the Standard – PAC’s members are leaders in packaging for the food industry. They developed the standard and will continue to provide the direction necessary to meet the foremost safety and quality needs of packaging in the global food industry
    • Up to 12-months to make corrective actions on deviations found in the IFS audit – providing a real system for continuous improvement, as well as allowing audited companies the ability to manage corrective actions in a way that meets their business needs
    • Training – Industry and Auditor training, developed by the industry experts at PAC, is offered to enhance the implementation process for packaging producers
    • Cost Reduction – IFS PACsecure takes on the IFS cost structure to ensure minimal cost to the supplier
    • A global network of IFS offices and direction from PAC for technical support

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