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BRC Storage and Distribution

The BRC Global Standard – Storage and Distribution was published in August 2006 and complete the chain between the food manufacturer and retailer or caterer. The standard was developed to assist retailers and other users to fulfill their legal obligations and to protect the consumer by providing a common basis for the evaluation of companies storing and distributing products.

SAI Global has been an expert in this field for many years, having originally developed the EFSIS Standard for Storage and Distribution accredited by UKAS since 2003. SAI Global then actively participated on the working party and technical advisory committee for the development of this BRC standard.

Whether you are looking for, risk assessment, milestone review or certification, SAI Global has the following solutions:

  • Risk Assessment, Gap Assessment and Milestone Review
  • Internal Audits (if you are not Certified by us)
  • Certification to the internationally recognised BRC Global Standard – Storage & Distribution.

SAI Global – Global coverage

As a result of our global capabilities we are able to fulfill BRC Global Standard Storage and Distribution audits no matter where you or your customers are located. SAI Global has a highly competent team who have extensive experience of the distribution and storage chain, process technologies relating to the contract services module, HACCP and Quality Management systems.

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