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Managing Risk as it applies throughout your Supply Chain

Managing risk throughout the Aerospace supply chain remains a major challenge for the overall industry. The Aerospace supply chain can be very complex, and within the supply base, organizations often serve multiple industries. Furthermore, organizations can be challenged with identifying techniques for the most effective risk management practices in alignment with customer requirements and expectations.

SAI Global, a global market leader in 3rd party conformance assessments within the Aerospace sector, providing cost-effective risk management solutions and programs such as AS9100C; recognizes this as a major discussion facing the Aerospace industry and intends to discuss some of these risk management techniques in conjunction with public materials available in the Aerospace sector.

Join SAI Global’s Aaron Troschinetz Operations and Technical Manager- Aerospace with guest speaker Tim Lee, Manager, Supplier Quality Boeing, OPMT Chair for the AAQG on a thought leading webinar on how Aerospace organizations can increase their awareness of some of these risk management tools.

Presented by:

Aaron Troschinetz
SAI Global, Aerospace Operations & Technical Manager

Register for the Webinar

Tues., Dec. 11, 2012 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST


Webinar Agenda

  • Aerospace and Risk Management - AS9100
  • Highlight Supply Chain by Tier levels
  • Tools and Methods
  • Real Case examples
  • IAQG handbook - Covering Supply Chain Management Handbook
  • Q and A session


Disclaimer: SAI Global recognizes a need for more awareness with the concept and tools of Risk Management and is providing this information in conjunction with materials available through the IAQG SCHM website. SAI Global does not prescribe that these are the only tools available in the marketplace for robust risk management practices; however, we do recognize that these are 'best practices' assembled through the cooperative partnership of the member IAQG companies.