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SAi Global's SCM Software solution

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The software solution of Supplier Compliance Management

Your brand’s reputation is often in the hands of your suppliers, so it’s important that they deliver the goods and services you need, within budget,on time and to the quality and safety that you promise your consumers.
Supplier Approval Management is the core element of SAI Global’s Supplier Compliance
Management (SCM) service. SAI Global provide this service to ensure that your Supplier Approval Policy is strictly adhered to, and that you will not be left exposed by under-performing suppliers.
SAI Global’s web-based software solution
Our unique SAIGOLTM web-based software solution, allows you and your suppliers to access real time information anywhere in the world, and can be tailored to suit your particular system and business flow.
Online completion facilities and automatic reminder notifications are just two of the unique
elements that ensure SAIGOLTM provides you with the best possible service to make certain that all your supplier policies are met.
Supplier Approval Management is client specific but typically it considers:
• Supplier audit status
• Supporting information, which can include:
  – Technical data,
  – Analysis results,
  – Additional certifications, etc.
• Non-conformance recording and reporting
• Corrective actions taken.
SAI Global can provide regular status reports ensuring you are always up to date with the
position status of every supplier in the approval process, and aware of any specific issues that need to be addressed.
Complete transparency is provided through the event management system within SAIGOLTM, and on-line completion ensures mandatory fields are provided to ensure all key data relating to a supplier is captured.
From this data collation and review, a selection of management reports and KPI information can be obtained to assist with your supplier reviews.
Tailor made templates to cover your requirements and immediate business needs can be developed to ensure information is obtained accurately and efficiently.
Key Benefits:
• Real time, traffic light visibility of supplier status across your business
• Supply chain assurance ensuring brand protection
• Automatic reminder function captures all information required.
• Consistent data across your entire business
• Easy, intuitive and flexible key performance indicator (KPI) reporting
• Reduce time and cost involved in data collation and performance reporting.