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Product Label Legality and Translation


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SAi Global's SCM Software solution

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The software solution of Supplier Compliance Management

Incorrect label translation and country-specific legality checks can have a significant impact on your business.
Translating and checking legal compliance from one language in to several others
needs to be completely accurate, and something that only trained professionals can competently complete.
FACT – if you successfully translate and localise your labels and packaging, you will improve your appeal to customers and ensure legal requirements are satisfied.
This service is extremely significant if you are trading in several different countries.
Our unique SAIGOLTM web-based software solution, automates the review process and can be tailored to suit your particular system and business flow.
Specific legal checks
There are legal compliance issues with most kinds of labelling, and SAI Global carry out specific legal checks as well as offering an accurate label translation service in all major languages.
All specific legislative requirements are adhered to in line with product type.
Stages of ensuring legality
SAI Global work with you to take a product label from its initial development stage through to
ensuring that the product is compositionall accurate and legally described in line with relevant country legislation to approval at final artwork stage.
SAI Global has:
• a well trained and experienced technical team to assist with your technical queries
• vast experience across a range of industries
• global coverage, enabling extensive language translation ability
• great understanding of assurance and accountability.
Key benefits:
• Reduce time and cost involved in translating and interpreting data
• Confidence that your labels have been translated and verified accurately
• Ensure country specific legal requirements are in place
• Transparency of process
• Access to technical experts in all food categories.