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Mobile Auditing Platform

A Configurable Mobile Auditing Solution for the Retail Agri-Food Sector

SAI Global is an industry leader in auditing solutions combining expert knowledge in standards and accreditation with mobile technology solutions. Our managed services solutions deliver mobile auditing capabilities and real time information and analytics for clients.

Understanding Our Clients

The basis of our auditing solutions in the retail agri-food sector is the diligence applied to getting to know our clients’ businesses. This extends from understanding our clients’ customers and the broad factors impacting on the market right through to a detailed understanding of the practicalities of field based auditing in large networks. Translating this understanding into a solution allows us to deliver audits efficiently and effectively for clients, providing valuable real time information and analytics.

Designing a Solution

Our specialist teams work in partnership with clients to develop audit definitions specific to their needs. In many cases this involves using existing policies, standards or legal requirements to create appropriate audit definitions. Where existing policies or standards are not yet in existence our team has the ability to develop these with the client.

In addition to developing bespoke audit definitions our team identifies client needs for workflows and configures these into the system. Workflows include the automatic distribution of system outputs to the right audience and the steps that need to be followed to close out any nonconformances in the audit process.

Audit Services

The mobile audit platform module provides the necessary application basics to enable us to deliver the following services.

  • Bespoke audit definitions
  • Configurable users/access for slicing and dicing of network audit data
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Reporting by territory
  • Non-conformance management and revisits
  • Issue identification and remedial action
  • Auditor scheduling and calibration

Mobile Audit Platform Features Include:

  • An active database of client sites that records and manages audit performance together with audit definitions specific to the organization.
  • Data that is populated in real time by synchronizing mobile devices that interface directly with the database.
  • Approval processes that are self-managed through automated reminder notifications and alert reporting.
  • Executive dashboards provide full visibility and instant reporting on data stored in the system.
  • Configurable workflows that enable the client to choose escalation pathways and remedial action specific to their needs.
  • Enables field based completion of tasks including audits, remedial action, updating contact details with a light, tough, easy to use and view mobile device.
  • Possesses the ability to take photographic evidence on the same device and link these images to the relevant parts of the audit protocol.
  • Provides the ability to review audit findings onsite at the completion of the audit without having to wait for office based completion of audit reports.

Mobile Audit Platform

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