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SAi Global's SCM Software solution

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The software solution of Supplier Compliance Management

SAI Global offer this service to keep you updated and informed of current developments within your industry and the marketplace in general.
SAI Global will continually research the market, reporting on current trends and issues, but also providing an early-warning service when required, providing technical and legal updates on a regular basis and as and when key issues emerge.
SAI Global has access to a wide range of technical support through it’s network of offices throughout the world, and would act as a technical screening service to identify key topical issues and ensure the most up-to-date information was provided to clients on demand.
Summarised Information
Any emerging legal requirement or code of practice pertinent to your industry is summarised on a regular basis to enable you to make the right decisions when developing a new product or service.
SAI Global has:
• a well trained and experienced technical team to assist with your technical queries
• vast experience across a wide range of industries
• in-depth understanding of assurance and accountability issues
• global coverage.
Key benefits:
• Allows you to always be at the forefront of developments in the industry
• Easy and efficient data collation and reporting saves you time and resources
• Reduce time and cost involved in individual sourcing of up to date information
• Ability to make decisions ahead of market developments
• Confidence that information is accurate and relevant.