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Home Authority Liaison

SAI Global will act as the liaison between you and the relevant legal authority to provide expert opinion and handling of any technical issues that may arise. This not only gives you peace of mind, but ensures the accuracy of stored information in supporting any legal challenges that may occur.
This service ensures that complaints, enquires, and anomalies from enforcement authorities (such as Trading Standards) and Environmental Health are handled efficiently, and by the team most experienced to do so.
Responding to Trading Standards
SAI Global ensure all key information is held on SAIGOLTM  to ensure responses to any legal challenges or requests for supporting information are handled quickly and efficiently.
SAI Global’s Experience
SAI Global has many years experience in working with local enforcement bodies and has developed excellent working relationships fielding this area.
SAI Global:
• provide a stream-lined approach to Home Authority Liaison, ensuring rapid response times
• bring peace of mind to their clients, knowing that anomalies are handled efficiently by an
  experienced team
• have great experience in working with local enforcement bodies

Key benefits:
• Reduce the time and cost of dealing with enforcement authorities
• Reduce incidents, costs, fines, penalties and disruption
• Specially trained technologists to handle specific issues
• Web based SAIGOLTM system ensures queries can be handled promptly and effectively


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