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Second Party Audits
Where the scope of accredited quality and product safety audits does not fully satisfy your company’s specific requirements, SAI Global can offer tailor made second-party audits to cover all parts of your key policies, procedures and any specific requirements that your internal procedures demand.
SAI Global can then report back on any anomalies and non conformances that may arise during an audit, allowing you to understand any key areas of improvement that are necessary.

Key benefits:
• Ensures your own requirements are implemented throughout the supply base
• Experienced audit team ensure best practice
• Automatically tracks and monitors supplier’s non-conformances saving you time and resources
• Provides data validation, verification and product integrity.

SAI Global has:
• great knowledge and experience in tailor-madeauditing
• a well trained and experienced technical team to assist with your technical queries
• experience across a vast range of industries
• great global coverage
• history of adapting best practices and legal requirements into custom made standards.

SAI Global’s Team
SAI Global has a team of highly qualified professional inspectors who cover a variety of
product categories in line with all internationally recognised standards for management systems,
product quality, and safety.

Emergency Audits
Emergency audits can also be conducted where the need arises to ensure you are provided with the best possible support during a crisis situation.

Stand-alone Audits
SAI Global can provide this service as a standalone audit, or as a “bolt on” inspection as part of an ongoing audit programme.

Our unique SAIGOLTM web-based software solution, automates the supply chain assurance process and can be tailored to suit your particular system and business flow.