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SAi Global's SCM Software solution

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The software solution of Supplier Compliance Management

SAI Global offer this technical review service to enable you to ensure suppliers are meeting your specific requirements incorporating a wide range of safety, quality and legal issues. This ultimately ensures your supply base is “fit for purpose”.

SAI Global can provide desktop assessments where you require further technical review of certain data that may be above and beyond legislative and standard owner requirements, to ensure your suppliers meet all key business criteria.
Our unique SAIGOLTM  web-based software solution, automates the technical assessment process and can be tailored to suit your particular system and business flow.
Key Performance Indicator Data
SAI Global work to ensure that KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) form part of this assessment. Utilising the functions of SAIGOLTM, critical data is defined between you and SAI Global’s SCM team. This data can then be used to support supplier reviews, whilst SAIGOLTM then provides you with a summary report highlighting any non-compliance to your defined criteria.
SAI Global ensures that all information is obtained and technically reviewed in a timely manner.
Expert judgements are made in relation to the adequacy of data to support a due diligence
defence whilst ensuring a duty of care to the consumer is maintained. SAI Global work closely
with your technical team to ensure your objectives are achieved.
Supplier Approvals
In the event that further process checks or documentation are required before a supplier can
be approved, this process can be managed and administered by SAI Global, to your criteria.
SAI Global has:
• a well trained and experienced technical team to assist with your technical queries
• experience across a vast range of industries
• great understanding of assurance and accountability.
Key benefits:
• Improve supplier approval processes
• Ensures your own requirements are implemented throughout the supply base
• Provide executive dashboard visibility
• Administrative checklist function and technical review
• Track and monitor supplier responses
• Provides data validation, verification and product integrity/traceability.